Southampton Neighborhood Association

Nearby Parks and Playgrounds

Buder School Playground, 5218 Lansdowne, is a shared school and Southampton playground.  Enjoy!

Francis Park, west of Hampton in the St Louis Hills neighborhood. Enjoy the magnificent homes on your walk around Francis Park.  Check out the amenities here.

If your dogs are with you, head down to the SW City Dog Park  (open from June 1 through March 31).  Note that the Dog Park offers $10 off the annual membership dues if you are a member of the Southampton Neighborhood Association. While you're down that way check out the other amenities available at Wilmore Park. If you are wondering about pet "rules" in the City of St Louis, check out Animal Companions.

Head over to Tower Grove Park to view a wooded Victorian park of international significance. History is there in those well-preserved and well-presented structures. But there are also important recreational, educational and cultural opportunities for the public that is compatible with the unique and historic character. It's not far so be sure to check out the amenities to make the most of every visit (or just go to walk the dog and enjoy a wooded urban oasis.

And if you want to find a rival to the attractions of New York City's Central Park, head over to Forest Park where you will find plenty to do. (See below for Park attractions like the St Louis Art Museum, The Muny, and St Louis Zoo just to mention a few.) Forest Park is a world class park that is a city treasure. Visit often.

World-Class Cultural (and just Plain Fun) Institutions

The Gateway Arch

St Louis Art Museum

Busch Stadium

The Fox Theater

Enterprise Center

Missouri Botanical Garden

The Muny

St. Louis Zoo

St. Louis Science Center

St. Louis Symphony

City Museum

The Blues Museum

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