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Responsibilities for Alleys and Refuse (Dumpsters and Roll-Carts)


Alleys are the practical side of our neighborhood.  Alley dumpsters--Recycling (blue); Yard Waste (green) and Landfill (gray/brown) are located here as well as the side-loading refuse trucks that empty those dumpsters.  Generally, the property owners on one side of the alley provide a portion of their property for the utility (electric, phone/internet, cable) easement.  Garage parkers are frequent users of alleys.  Electric, phone/internet, and cable trucks are common.  

The City does not sweep or clean alleys and requires that property owners be responsible for keeping their half of their alleys free of litter, weeds, and overgrown trees as well as in safe and sanitary condition.  Fortunately, "alley angels" are volunteer neighbors who have stepped up to meet the challenge of keeping their alley sections clean and well maintained--free of leaves, snow and ice, weeds, and overgrown trees.

Alley Dumpsters (Bins)

 There are three types of alley dumpsters--Recycling (blue), Yard   Waste (green), Household (gray/brown).  The dumpsters are   shared by several households, but if your particular dumpster   is filled you may use another.  Only the residents who live on   the same block are permitted to use the dumpster in that alley.   These dumpsters are not intended for use by commercial   enterprises.

 Household. No moving.  Do not fill beyond capacity.  Not built   for bulk trash--stoves, furniture, appliances or any item over 3   feet long.  Not for flammable liquids, hazardous materials or   tires.  Keep lids closed.  Don't set anything against the   dumpsters or within 3 feet.  Any violations could result in the   container not being emptied.  

Yard Waste (Green Bin).  Same as Household.  Grass clippings, small limbs, and leaves.  No plastic.  No paper.  No protruding tree or shrub limbs.  (No feces.)

Recycling (Blue Bin).  Same as Household. Always recycle common household items like paper, cardboard, and food or beverage bottles, cans and cartons in your Blue Bin. Never put plastic bags, Styrofoam, food waste or sharps in your Blue Bin. Keep recyclables loose, clean and dry.  Always flatten cardboard.  (No feces.)  Visit Brightside St Louis for more details.  

Roll Carts 

Roll cart collection uses two 96 gallon roll carts--blue and green.  Green is used for both household waste and yard waste, with contents based on the schedule for your address. Push your cart into the street and at least 3 feet away from parked cars. Carts should be out by 5am of your collection day. Carts must pulled back out of the street, into your yard, by 9pm of your collection day.

Household.  Place all household trash that cannot be recycled in a trash bag.  Place it inside your green roll cart.  This is collected on the first collection day of the week--Monday in Southampton.

Yard Waste.  Place inside your green roll cart (do not bag it).  Yard waste is collected on Wednesday.

Recycling (Blue Roll Cart).  Place all recyclables (do not bag them).  This is collected on the second collection day of the week--Thursday in Southampton.

Monthly Bulk PickUp

The City picks up large/bulky items, batteries, appliances, and tires monthly.  These items (not more than 3) must be out by 6 AM on the Monday of the collection week.  Pickup will occur by Friday of that same week.  Those with roll carts should place their bulk items by the curb.  Those with alley collection should place their bulk items behind their own property and keep them 3 feet away from refuse containers.  Do not lean on a neighbor's fence or property.  

Place loose items in a container or tie in a bundle.  If you have more than this, you can take to a residential dumping station or hold the excess on your property until the next bulk pickup. This is also the time to recycle your B.O.A.T.-E items--Batteries-Oil-Appliances-Tires-Electronics.

Additional information is found at the City of St Louis Refuse page.

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