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A Southampton Century Home is the designation given to a home in the Southampton neighborhood that has reached 100 years.  This is determined with the City of St. Louis on-line property record or other documentation on the date your home was built.  You can start the process with a search of the City Property Records.  A plaque is offered for sale by the Southampton Neighborhood Association to showcase the history of your home in the larger neighborhood context.  Proceeds are earmarked for neighborhood beautification projects and other neighborhood activities.

The plaques are 12" x 12" aluminum and will have 4 holes pre-drilled for hanging purposes. 

Pre-Order the Plaque - $55.00 Members; $60.00 Non-Members

Each Plaque is a custom order since the "built year" will vary.  To keep costs low, orders for individual plaques are combined into one order that the Association places with the manufacturer.  Waiting for enough orders may take several weeks so patience is needed.  After SNA receives your information (see below), you will be contacted by a member of the Association to verify the date your home was built.  When that is done, you will be billed for the plaque and may pay for your order either on-line or through the mail. Thank you for your interest in showcasing your Southampton home!

Pre-Order Instructions - Mail In

Include your contact information (email, phone, name, address) and a check made payable to the Southampton Neighborhood Association.  Mail to Southampton Neighborhood Association, PO Box 5183, St. Louis, MO 63139. 


Online - Step 1 of 2 - Pre-Order Instructions

Complete the form below and submit.  Then continue to Step 2 below the form.

Online - Step 2 of 2

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Southampton Neighborhood Association is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization.

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